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AB 838: Cupertino to Offer New Health and Sanitation Investigation Services for Renters

Do you rent a home you suspect to have exposed lead or that may harbor other conditions that could endanger life, limb, health, property, safety, or welfare for yourself, other residents, or the public? Have complaints to your landlord about unsafe conditions in your home gone unanswered or resulted in deferred or only partial resolution?  […]

May 13th Newsletter: Cupertino’s Resources Spent Scrutinizing a Prior Council’s Actions, and the Latest Budget Updates

  This month, we continue the ongoing coverage of Cupertino’s budget shortfall. This is a critical time as the City evaluates where to cut expenses, from community services to road maintenance. Your input is key – details below. But as Cupertino’s financial situation worsens, several Council Members have instead chosen to prioritize their time (and public resources) scrutinizing […]

April 21st Newsletter: Cupertino Braces for Budget Cuts, and What’s Next for Lehigh Cement

Two weeks ago, we highlighted the impact of Cupertino’s declining revenue on community programs like Shakespeare in the Park. This email examines the latest news of budget cuts in Cupertino, along with additional background on how the situation arose.  We also share updates on a topic that, directly or indirectly, affects many Cupertino residents: the […]

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