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Balanced vs Unbalanced Development: Contrasting Visions

  This email is about two different visions about new development in Cupertino: The balanced approach which considers the impact on the residents, the city infrastructure especially traffic & schools, and the viability of the project. The unbalanced approach which focuses on maximizing investors’ profits without regards to impact on the quality of life of […]

How Regnart Elementary School was Shut Down

  In this mail, we go through two items:  (a) The painful journey to the closure of Regnart Elementary School (b) A note about who we are The Regnart Story: CUSD schools have one of the highest per-school enrollment in the region. A rational person would expect that the school board would prefer to distribute […]

Restoring Financial Accountability in Cupertino

  Do you know that an employee swindled nearly $800,000 from the City of Cupertino, running an embezzlement scam which lasted from 2000-2014, and was finally addressed in 2018. What is surprising is that a coterie of ex-Mayors of Cupertino, who were in the council prior till 2018, have been sending extremely inflammatory mails about the resident focussed council, which was elected for […]

Save CUSD, Save Home Values

  It’s no secret that homes in Cupertino command a significant premium due to the stellar reputation of CUSD schools. However, due to the anti-children policies of the CUSD board, 33% of all eligible children are now attending private schools. This number has grown 3x in the past decade.  With parents fleeing CUSD due to lower desirability of schools, […]

Home Values will Decline with CUSD Decline

 It is no secret that homes in CUSD command a premium to neighboring communities because of the high quality of schools. Real Estate listings in Cupertino specifically mention the Cupertino schools the children in the home will attend. But This May Not Last Forever In 2021 CUSD shut down three school campuses claiming a financial […]

Whose Interests does JR Fruen Represent?

 JR Fruen is running again as a candidate for Cupertino City Council. The questions for voters to ask is: Whose Interests does JR Fruen Represent? This election is primarily a battle between Those who want to preserve their neighborhood, and vote out those who support school closures Those who want to serve investor’s interests which […]

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