March 2024 Newsletter: Outcry Over FUHSD Trustee Areas, Cupertino’s Zero-Interest Bank Account, and MoreMarch 2024 Newsletter

What’s in this issue:

  • Development News: More Retail Replaced by Hotels and Housing
  • Local Parent Outcry over FUHSD Transition to Trustee Areas
  • Cupertino’s Zero-Interest Bank Account Raises Questions

Development In and Around Cupertino: Retail Land Replaced by Hotels and Housing

Two more housing projects expected to build 113 new homes are under review in Cupertino’s Planning Department. They include 55 homes near Wolfe and Stevens Creek Blvd. and 58 homes along Stevens Creek Blvd. These were submitted under the State Law SB330, which streamlines housing approvals. Two hotel projects, which have been on hold for years, also applied to renew their development agreements.

United Furniture Club site

In west San Jose adjacent to southern Cupertino, there are plans for a hotel and multifamily housing (S. De Anza between Hwy 85 and Prospect Road). Separately, in June 2023, Cupertino City Council approved a 34-home mixed-use project just across the road at 1655 S De Anza Blvd.

Local Parents Protest FUHSD Transition to Trustee Area Voting

Over 2,200 residents from the Monta Vista and Lynbrook High School attendance areas have expressed opposition to the Fremont Union High School District’s transition from At Large to By-Trustee Area elections. Residents have spoken out at board meetings, community meetings, and signed a petition.

Feb. 13, 2024 FUHSD Board Meeting

With the previous at-large voting system, residents were able to elect all five FUHSD Board Trustees. With the new Trustee Area voting system, residents will only be allowed to elect one trustee in their designated Trustee Area. Read the full article to find out why many local residents oppose the change.

Should Cupertino Hold $48M in a Bank Account with Zero Interest?

As Cupertino continues to face a budget deficit and cut services, a growing number of residents are questioning why approximately $48M in city funds are being held in an account earning zero interest. Councilmember Kitty Moore flagged the account to staff, who confirmed it does not earn interest.

Assuming the city leaves $3M in the account for liquidity purposes, the remaining $45M could be earning up to $2.25M per year simply by moving it into a 5% interest CD or Money Market.

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