Small Business Spotlight: Horizon Bakery Opens in Cupertino

A new custom cake shop, Horizon Bakery, has opened in Cupertino. This family-owned establishment boasts a wide portfolio of creations, ranging from intricately hand-painted cakes to elaborate floral and figurine toppings.

Horizon Bakery specifically chose Cupertino as the home for their new shop because they believe they can be successful here. In fact, its owners have poured an immense amount of effort into making the space their new home. They spent one year remodeling the location, demolishing and then rebuilding the entire interior, which was formerly Egghead Sandwiches.

Today, the shop’s owner works with a small team to create the cakes. They also offer smaller desserts (photos below). Horizon Bakery is located on 19929 Stevens Creek Boulevard. It is open from 12 PM – 7 PM, Tuesday – Sunday. Visit to learn more.

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