Why some entities want to shut down Cupertino Schools?

This post will provide background information about why some entities in the community want to close our schools

Real Estate Values

Real estate in CUSD commands premium prices, often 30-50% more than what you could get within 10 miles. Thanks to the excellent schools and the suburban feel, it is also a city where real estate retains values much better during downturns.

Land for Future Development

For investors, Cupertino is an ideal place to earn high returns with low risks; land to build is highly coveted by them.
CUSD schools are one of the last reserves of open land in and around Cupertino. For investors, being able to build on that land can mean a windfall in profits since real-estate in CUSD commands premium pricing.

CUSD Board: Predisposed to Closure

Instead of working for the interests of the children and the community, three members of the CUSD board have been working to close schools.

For the parents involved in the process, it was clear the board was not exploring options to keep schools open; even the charter given to the Citizen Advisory Committee was restricted to determine which schools to close. And even that was stage-managed to close certain schools.

And the claim the enrollment is declining because of lack of housing is also not supported by data; the enrollment drop far exceeds the decline in the population of children in CUSD.

Some parents did a deep dive into the books, and realized the case for closing schools for financial reasons was marginal at best. In addition, any financial reason to close CUSD schools has completely fallen apart with additional state funding [2]. 

However, the process has not been rolled back. The three members of the CUSD board who voted to close schools also faced a recall effort[1]. 

All three school-closure supporting CUSD board members are endorsing JR Fruen [3]. 

Sheila Mohan has also been endorsed by Sylvia Leong [4].

Overcrowded Cupertino Schools

Closing schools would mean even greater crowding on already overcrowded campuses, children having to travel greater distances leading to reduced use of walk/bike methods, and much greater traffic in the remaining campuses. It would also be disruptive to students who will give up their friends’ & teachers and attend different schools.

Rolling Back School Closure

To roll back the decisions, it’s critical that both the City Council and CUSD Board retain a majority of resident focussed board members who will ensure the schools stay open, and not those who are sponsored by investor interests who want to close schools.

Please vote for those who have taken a public stand against school closure.

Please vote for Govind Tatachari, Steven Scharf & Liang Chao for Cupertino City Council

Please vote for Darcy Paul, Satheesh Madhathil & Jerry Liu for CUSD Board.

Together they can take steps to roll-back the school closure, and also prepare the City to support the future residents who will make the 1000s of new residences in the pipeline their home.

[1] https://www.recallcusdboard.org/

[2] https://edsource.org/2022/20-billion-more-for-schools-community-colleges-under-gov-newsoms-revised-budget/672382

[3] https://www.jr4cupertino.com/endorsements 

[4] https://www.sheilamohan.com/meet-sheila 

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