Whose interests does Ava Chiao Represent?

School Closures amid Over Crowded Schools

CUSD has among the most crowded schools in the region. In spite of that there are certain elements who want to close our school campuses.

Ava Chiao & School Board Future

One such candidates is Ava Chaio for CUSD Board. 
Ava has stated that she supports school closure. Beyond supporting school closure, she has even proposed plans on how the land of the closed schools should be used to build housing. 
Ava is backed by unions who are pouring in tens of thousands of dollars to her campaign; she will not be representing the parents’ or the children’s interests on the board.

Ava is being supported by other candidates who have championed for school closure like JR Fruen. Ava has contributed to JR Fruen’s campaign.

No Plans to Adress Students’ Challenges

However, we have seen little from Ava on how the problems created by over crowded schools will be addressed.
Whether it is the lack of lockers in middle school, children not having table space to have their lunch (they sit on the ground), the large traffic bottlenecks, Ava has no plans to address those.

School Closure & Property Values

With more than 30% of children in CUSD going to private schools, one of the major reasons why people paid premium prices for Cupertino homes is fading away. This will impact the desirability of Cupertino and will impact property prices negatively.

Save Cupertino Schools and Your Home Values

Even if you do not have school going children, your home values are strongly impacted by the quality of schools.
In order to ensure that CUSD schools thrive and your homes do not lose value, please do not vote for any candidate who supports school closure.
Ava Chiao has even proposed plans for how to use land under the closed schools; she has no plans on how to reduce the exodus to private schools from CUSD.
To preserve home values, please vote for Govind Tatachari, Liang Chao, and Steven Scharf for Cupertino City Council, and Darcy Paul, Satheesh Madhathil & Jerry Liu for CUSD Board.

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