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How Regnart Elementary School was Shut Down

  In this mail, we go through two items:  (a) The painful journey to the closure of Regnart Elementary School (b) A note about who we are The Regnart Story: CUSD schools have one of the highest per-school enrollment in the region. A rational person would expect that the school board would prefer to distribute […]

Lobbying and CUSD Land Grab

  This email is an effort to inform you of special interest lobbying, and how CUSD schools are being closed to be sold to investors.Lobbyist Registration   In the first half of 2021, the resident oriented City Council of Cupertino passed a lobbying ordinance asking entities who were receiving compensation to lobby with the city, […]

Save CUSD, Save Home Values

  It’s no secret that homes in Cupertino command a significant premium due to the stellar reputation of CUSD schools. However, due to the anti-children policies of the CUSD board, 33% of all eligible children are now attending private schools. This number has grown 3x in the past decade.  With parents fleeing CUSD due to lower desirability of schools, […]

Home Values will Decline with CUSD Decline

 It is no secret that homes in CUSD command a premium to neighboring communities because of the high quality of schools. Real Estate listings in Cupertino specifically mention the Cupertino schools the children in the home will attend. But This May Not Last Forever In 2021 CUSD shut down three school campuses claiming a financial […]

Welcome to Cupertino Facts

This blog is an effort by Cupertino residents to inform our neighbors about various issues which impact the quality of our lives. Over the past few decades, decisions about Cupertino’s future have focussed on supporting the goals of deep pocketed special interests, while ignoring the wishes and the interests of the residents. This led to […]

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