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Are Cupertino’s Single Family Homes At Risk of Becoming Apartments?

As in many other cities across California, Cupertino is trying to complete its Housing Element (HE), a document that describes how the city will meet its housing obligation for the period 2023-2031.  Cupertino is required to supply a minimum of 4,588 housing units, with 41% of these units being low to very low income (affordable) plus extra […]

Cupertino Receives First Builder’s Remedy Project Application

Cupertino has been vulnerable to the “Builder’s Remedy” since it missed its January 2023 deadline for an approved Housing Element from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).  The “Builder’s Remedy” is a State law that allows developers to bypass local zoning laws for projects that offer affordable housing. Menlo Park developer Acclaim Properties has submitted […]

Simple Explanation of RHNA and Housing Mandates

By Amy KalishMarin Post & Citizen Marin WHAT IS RHNA? RHNA is the Regional Housing Needs Assessment — the number of housing units (a place for at least one person to live) assigned to an area by the state. This happens in eight-year housing cycles, and the allocation numbers are determined by the California […]

Cupertino: It is a Lot More Than Vallco!

    This is going to be our last email before the elections. 1. The Vallco Obsession 2. Opt-In Email List   The Vallco Obsession The coterie of ex-mayors sent out another email showing the Vallco lot. We wanted to set the record straight.   Vallco SB35 Plan: Stuck due to Toxic Contamination The SB35 plan approved by the previous city council (Rod Sinks, […]

Balanced vs Unbalanced Development: Contrasting Visions

  This email is about two different visions about new development in Cupertino: The balanced approach which considers the impact on the residents, the city infrastructure especially traffic & schools, and the viability of the project. The unbalanced approach which focuses on maximizing investors’ profits without regards to impact on the quality of life of […]

Whose Interests does JR Fruen Represent?

 JR Fruen is running again as a candidate for Cupertino City Council. The questions for voters to ask is: Whose Interests does JR Fruen Represent? This election is primarily a battle between Those who want to preserve their neighborhood, and vote out those who support school closures Those who want to serve investor’s interests which […]

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