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Cupertino Council Majority Moves to Reduce Transparency into Lobbyist Activity

At the July 6, 2023 City Council meeting, three Councilmembers (Wei, Fruen, and Mohan) approved first round changes weakening Cupertino’s lobbyist registration ordinance. The changes include a provision that allows lobbyists who are paid less than $5,000/quarter to avoid publicly disclosing their activity. Councilmembers Moore and Chao opposed the changes. Cupertino’s Lobbyist Ordinance: A Brief […]

Santa Clara District Attorney Finds No Evidence of Council Member Interference with Staffing Decisions

The Santa Clara Office of the District Attorney has found no evidence for a referral accusing current and former Cupertino City Council Members of interfering with staff hiring and firing decisions.  Council Members Kitty Moore and Liang Chao prepare for council meetings by reading the materials and asking questions. They have been accused by the […]

Civil Grand Jury Case Consumes Public Resources Scrutinizing Prior Council’s Actions

From 2018-2022, resident-focused Council Members held a 4-1 majority in Cupertino, ensuring that our local government served the needs and interests of residents first. These Council Members pushed back against those who came to Cupertino intent on maximizing profit with little regard for how their actions impact the people who live here. During 2018-2022, the […]

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