Santa Clara District Attorney Finds No Evidence of Council Member Interference with Staffing Decisions

The Santa Clara Office of the District Attorney has found no evidence for a referral accusing current and former Cupertino City Council Members of interfering with staff hiring and firing decisions. 

Council Members Kitty Moore and Liang Chao prepare for council meetings by reading the materials and asking questions. They have been accused by the new Council majority of exercising improper conduct in their interactions with current and previous Cupertino City Managers. The DA’s letter confirms that the accusations of criminal conduct are baseless, and it similarly affirms that the insinuations against former Mayor Darcy Paul have “no evidence, documentary or otherwise” to support them.

The District Attorney refutes Hung Wei’s accusations against her fellow Council Members Kitty Moore and Liang Chao, sent via email to the public on May 21st, 2023.

“There is no evidence, documentary or otherwise, that any former or current Council Member attempted to influence any of the City Managers in their hiring or firing decisions,” states Deputy District Attorney John Chase in a letter to Cupertino City Attorney Chris Jensen.

Below is the full letter:

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