Whose Interests does JR Fruen Represent?

 JR Fruen is running again as a candidate for Cupertino City Council. The questions for voters to ask is:

Whose Interests does JR Fruen Represent?

This election is primarily a battle between

  • Those who want to preserve their neighborhood, and vote out those who support school closures
  • Those who want to serve investor’s interests which include closing schools to free up land for construction.

Who Funds JR’s Campaign?

JR has had close ties with the investor community. In 2018 he ran a PAC which received tens of thousands of dollars from investors and construction related entities:
  • Vallco owners $29,000.00
  • Plumbers / Steamfitters Union $10,250.00
  • Electrical Union $10,250.00
  • Sheetmetal Union $10,000.00
  • Sprinklers Union $10,700.00
His 2022 campaign contributors include:
Construction Related Entities:
CREPAC (California Real Estate PAC) $2500
IFTPE 21 (Worker’s Union PAC) $2000
Plumbers Steamfitters & Refrigeration Fitters (Worker’s Union PAC) $1000
Real Estate Broker (Milpitas) $1000
People who advocated for School Closures:

Richard Lowenthal who sponsors and nurtures a lot of the anti-resident candidates  ($4900)

Hung Wei the Cupertino Council Member who opposed the City Council writing to CUSD to reconsider school closure ($4900)
Rod Sinks who made a U-Turn to not put height limits on Vallco ($1000)
Lorien Cunningham the CUSD Trustee who spearheaded the campaign to close schools
Sheila Mohan who is standing for the Cupertino City Council because others asked her to un

Ava Chiao the CUSD candidate who wants to shut down more schools and construct over the land

Who is Endorsing JR’s Campaign?

JR is endorsed by all the three CUSD trustees who voted to close CUSD schools in spite of strong opposition by the residents.

SB10: Scott Wiener endorses JR!

Senator Scott Wiener who authored SB10 which gives cities the choice to allow up to 14 units on a single family lot, has endorsed JR Fruen. JR is much more likely to to support SB10 than resident oriented candidates. Learn more about SB10 here.

What is JR’s Past Record?

As part of the Citizens’s Advisory Committee he was supportive of closing schools (and hence endorsed by all the three CUSD trustees who led the campaign to close schools)
He runs an organization called Cupertino For All, which endorsed Prop-16, the proposition which was soundly defeated by the voters of California, and would have led to more discriminatory practices against Asian students.

Please do not vote for JR Fruen if you do not want more schools to be shut down
Please do not vote for JR Fruen if you do not want investors to control your city and SB10 construction permitted

Please vote for Govind Tatachari, Steven Scharf & Liang Chao for Cupertino City Council

Please vote for Darcy Paul, Satheesh Madhathil & Jerry Liu for CUSD Board.

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