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This blog is an effort by Cupertino residents to inform our neighbors about various issues which impact the quality of our lives.

Over the past few decades, decisions about Cupertino’s future have focussed on supporting the goals of deep pocketed special interests, while ignoring the wishes and the interests of the residents.

This led to a strong push-back over the past few years, as a broader group of residents became aware of the risks they faced. 

The response to the  residents getting engaged, is a campaign of misinformation by the special interests, designed to sow FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) in the minds of the average Cupertino resident.

We do not have the money power to compete against the special interests; however we do have the will to challenge their misinformation, and empower our neighbors to make informed decisions.

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Cupertino Facts, FPCC #1455023, PO Box 2693, Cupertino, CA 95015. 

Cupertino Facts is not affiliated with the City of Cupertino or CUSD.

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