SB10: 10 (+4) Units on Single Family Lot

What does SB10 Permit?

The SB10 law allows a 10 unit apartment building (upto 14 units including ADUs/JADUs) [1] on a single family lot located within half a mile of transit. Most of Cupertino is within half mile of public transit (VTA) on Stevens Creek Blvd, De Anza Blvd, Foothill Blvd etc.
Unlike other laws like SB9 and SB35, SB10 is not mandatory. Local cities can chose to implement it or not.

City Council Ordinance

To permit the construction of 14 unit buildings on single family lots, all the City Council needs to do is to pass an ordinance permitting such construction. The ordinance will override any restriction due to voter approved resolutions.

SB10 effectively allows the City Council to enable construction of multi-story, 14 unit buildings in a lot currently occupied by a single family home. [2]

Flashback: Height Limits at Vallco

During the Fall of 2017, Cupertino Council Members Darcy Paul and Steven Scharf had proposed that the city enact height limits on buildings in commercial areas. The proposal was welcomed by Rod Sinks.

However, when it came to vote two weeks later Rod, Savita & Barry voted against it.
You can watch the video below to understand how, in November 2017, the City Council ignored residents’ interest to permit buildings without height limits.

That failure to not put any height limits, allowed Vallco investors to propose a design with 26 story high towers in their SB35 proposal. [3]

Why does it Matter: History Can Repeat Itself

Like the Vallco case, an investor friendly council can also relax height and Floor Area Ratio limits in our  single family neighborhoods, 

That would allow the construction of multi-storied buildings with 14 residential units, on the lot next to your single family home!
For investors buying a lot for $2M and building up to 14 units, each selling for $1-$1.5M+ is a windfall.

JR Fruen: Whose Interests do you think he will represent?

Endorsed by the Author of SB10
Senator Scott Weiner, who gets the highest amount of funding from real estate interests, and is the author or co-author of SB9, SB10 and SB35 bills has endorsed JR Fruen.
Note that Cupertino is well ahead of most nearby cities when it comes to housing obligations; something  Scott Wiener failed to mention.

Funded by Vallco

J R Fruen, used to run a PAC which received $29,000 [4] from Vallco investors in 2018. He represents the same investor interests’ who influenced the city to not put any reasonable height limit on the Vallco property.

Cupertino For All: Support for SB Laws

JR Fruen is the co-founder of Cupertino for All.

Cupertino For All is very supportive of state laws like SB9/SB35 which take away local control. How do you think he will vote on SB10 approval related ordinances?

Please do not vote for candidates like JR Fruen, who will be inclined to permit SB10 projects; it can mean the end of Cupertino’s Single Family Home Districts.

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