Home Values will Decline with CUSD Decline

 It is no secret that homes in CUSD command a premium to neighboring communities because of the high quality of schools. Real Estate listings in Cupertino specifically mention the Cupertino schools the children in the home will attend.

But This May Not Last Forever

In 2021 CUSD shut down three school campuses claiming a financial shortfall, even though their own projections show a surplus of over 39 Million dollars over the next five years.
CUSD has the most crowded schools in Silicon Valley

And parents are now increasingly sending their children to private schools
The percentage of children in CUSD who are attending private schools has been rising dramatically. It has tripled in the past decade.
The word is getting out that in spite of their high test scores, the overall educational experience being offered in CUSD is falling below the standards parents expect. 
And they are voting with their wallets, by spending tens of thousands of dollars every year to send their children to private schools.

Home Values Impacted Negatively

This trend of falling confidence in CUSD schools will impact home values negatively since one of the primary reason homes command high value is not as relevant any more.

We have already observed this with homes in parts of Sunnyvale School District (Cumberland area) commanding similar prices to homes in Cupertino, for homes of comparable size and age. A decade ago these homes used to about 15-20% less expensive than Cupertino.

Preserve Home Values: Restore Vitality in CUSD Schools

In order to ensure that Cupertino homes command a premium value, it is important to preserve the quality of CUSD schools. 
  • We need to roll back school closures
  • We need to plan for additional capacity as the thousands of homes in the pipeline are built
Updated 12/25/2022

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